Collection: Anna Smrek

Height: 6'9" / 205 cm
Inseam: 41 in / 104 cm
Shoe: 13 US / 45 EU

Though she is a native of Ontario, Canada, Anna Smrek is proud to be half Croatian. A competitive dancer from the age of three, Anna did not start her volleyball journey until she was already 13 years old. She won multiple silver medals playing with the Canadian Youth National Team before becoming a dominating force in NCAA volleyball in her three seasons with the University of Wisconsin women’s volleyball program. The tallest player in program history, Anna has already accomplished an impressive list of accolades in her three seasons with the Badgers. During her freshman season, Anna helped lead her team to win the NCAA National Championship and earned MVP of the 2021 National Championship. Followed by two more consecutive NCAA tournament runs, Anna has garnered numerous league and national honors including All-American honors in 2023. Off the court, Anna enjoys spending quality time with friends and family as well as enjoying some quiet solitude with a good book. Being the daughter of 6’11” (211 cm), 2x NBA champion, Michael Smrek, Anna grew up confident and comfortable with her exceptional height. She has always loved being tall and views it not as a defining feature, but as an added bonus.