Frequently asked questions and answers

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How do I ask a question or give feedback?

You can reach us through the contact form in the Contact Us page, or via email at:

  • info@grandeur-models.com (general questions/feedback)
  • support@grandeur-models.com (technical support)
  • bookings@grandeur-models.com (modeling/appearances)
  • requests@grandeur-models.com (custom content)

Why am I redirected to the login page?

This is because you are trying to access restricted content.

This may also occur if you are currently logged in and attempting to purchase another subscription. This is to prevent you from accidentally purchasing an extra subscription.

Why did I not receive an order confirmation or any other email?

Our website just launched and despite our efforts, some of our emails may still show as spam.

Please check your email's spam folder for emails from "Grandeur Models".

When purchasing digital content, "Digital Downloads" will directly email you your download link. If this does not show in you inbox, please check your spam folder.

I bought a membership but I was not logged in what do I do?

No worries. You should have received an email titled "Customer account activation" from info@grandeur-models.com, which will take you to the activation page where you can setup your password of choice.

You can also go through the account registration process with the same email address you used to buy the subscription.

Once it is done, simply login by clicking the little character in the top right corner or this link.

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